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Get to know me.

I want to get to know you, too! Fill this out in the comments section.

1. 3 living things you treasure
Ben, Henry, my family (we’ll count all of them as one)

2. 3 non-living things that you treasure
Henry’s baby book, my wedding band, my favorite pillow

3. favorite time of the year and why
Autumn, hands down. No season is cozier or more comforting. I love pumpkins (looking at them, not eating them), foggy mornings, the perfect photo-taking light and the changing of leaves. Perfection.

4. favorite things to wear
My bean necklace (I never take it off), my favorite shoes from JCrew and my sweats (although not with my favorite shoes).

5. are you a perfume wearer ? If yes, which one? / top 3 favorite smells
Yes, I like perfume. alternate between Juicy, L’Occitane Figue and Gucci’s Envy Me.

Top three smells:
* Henry when he’s fresh out of the bath and slathered with Mustela lotion
* The cool, damp smell of a river in the woods
* Fresh flowers in the spring

6. favorite animal
Oh goodness, I love almost all animals. Sea Otters are a favorite…

7. top three events in your life(so far)

* Marrying Ben
* Having Henry
* Hearing Henry’s first laugh

8. top three favorite small pleasures

* My favorite sheets
* The Amelie soundtrack
* Rain on the window

9. top 3 favorite places in the world( you have visited or would like to visit)
* Sonoma, CA (wonderful memories with Ben there)
* Madison, WI (wonderful memories with Sarah and Hillarie there)
* Lake Forest Park, WA (wonderful memories of growing up there)

10. top 3 favorite sounds
* Henry’s laughter
* Sufjan Stevens
ยท * The garage door going up, signifying Ben is home from work

11. top 3 favorite things to eat
* Salmon
* Quinoa
* Snow

12. 3 favorite favorites right now! (from etsy or elsewhere)
* One
* Two
* Three

13. 3 small ways someone has made your day lately
* The lady at QFC the other day who told me how loved Henry looked and how the world needs more mothers like me
* Ben being willing to change the litter box
* Henry crawling up onto my lap and looking directly at me while smiling

14. 3 small habits/quirks you have that make you specifically you!
* I’m in love with flats
* I’m obsessed with paper goods (wrapping paper, stationery, etc.)
* I love the color pink

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