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Time to get personal here, folks. I’ve been shooting a ton lately and I’m really feeling great about the work I’ve been producing. Equally important however, is how inspired I’m feeling. It’s easy to establish a baseline of talent and inspiration and forget to challenge yourself. I am getting myself out of that rut and am working on inspiring myself.

How do I do that?
I read blogs.
I look at other photographers’ work.
I unsubscribe from the blogs of photographers whose work no longer deserves my attention.
I go on walks with my kid.
I drink wine with my husband.
I purge toxic people from my life.
I make lists, and collages and bubble baths.

I’m also doing The Fire Starter Sessions. “The Fire Starter Sessions is a digital book-meets-video seminar to help you rock your business…your way, right away.”

I was asked:
So when do you feel amazing? What activities cause you to feel useful, vital, better-than-before? What lights your fire? When do you have that “there‘s more where that came from” feeling? What feels so good and so easy to give that you give it generously? What do you do best—that gives you a rush while you‘re doing it?

I answered:
When I’m taking photos with the luxury of a little bit of time, or wiggle room. I feel amazing when the light is to-die-for. I feel amazing when I click with my clients and I am then able to GET THE SHOT. I feel amazing when the shot I get brings tears to my eyes. I feel amazing when I see the look on a client’s face after they view the aforementioned photo on the LCD screen on the back of my camera. When I can see on their face that I’ve won them over and that they trust me implicitly to do my job.

It’s important to genuinely love what you do. It’s even more important to be inspired, and to be inspirational.

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