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Ahh, the Otto family.  Shooting them is like coming home.  Shannon and Seth first hired me while I was still in photography school.  I shot 18-month old Ruby with black and white film while she toddled around in a diaper.  And I fell in love.  With the Otto family, with Ruby, with my job.  And here we are, 5 years later.  Ruby is so tall!  And talkative!  And she’s like, a real kid now!  So amazing.

Shannon is a crazy talented vocal artist (known as Shannon Stephens, in the music world) and I was honored to shoot her CD booklet images for her most recent album, The Breadwinner.  Rumor has it (actually, she told me) she’s working on a new album, which I can’t wait to hear.  (Fun fact:  Shannon was in Marzuki, with Sufjan Stevens, one of my all-time favorite artists).  Do yourself a favor and check out The Breadwinner – you will be so glad you did.


Ruby decided to try her hand at photo styling, and I love Seth’s expression.  I actually love the photo, too.  Not a pose I would have chosen, but it works.  Way to go, Ruby!

I think Shannon is so beautiful.  Seth, you’re not so bad yourself!


Love the boots.

I almost tossed this shot during culling, but then I realized how adoringly Seth was looking at Shannon, and then, well, it became a favorite.  

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