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I’m here! A personal project.

Hello interwebs! It’s been awhile. I’ve been enjoying the off-season, but have missed blogging. I’m ready to share with you the project I’ve been working on since January 2nd. I decided to take on a 365 project. Until now I’ve only shared the images on my personal Facebook page, but I’d love to share them also with you, my clients and followers!

A description of my 365 project:
On January 2, 2011 I started a 365 photo project. The rules are simple: take one photo per day and post it. The goal is less simple: stretch and grow as a photographer. Find inspiration in the ordinary and the everyday. I also decided that I would share the context of the image of the day, so you not only get a peek into what I shoot personally but also why I shot it, or what the importance is.

Here are days 1-16 of my project. Your comments are welcomed and encouraged!

Day 1.
Henry Through the Window.
I decided at the last minute (aka 4pm) that I was going to bite the bullet and do the 365 challenge. I grabbed the 5d MkII and head outside in search of inspiration. I came back to the house discouraged until I saw Henry looking at me through the kitchen window. BAM. My 365 project was born.

Day 2.
Ben In the Hall.
I wanted a photo to represent Ben and was still getting in the groove of the project, which meant I forgot to take my photo until it had gotten dark outside. He was standing in the hallway talking to Henry (who was playing trains in his bedroom) and I snapped this shot in the hallway mirror.

Day 3.
Winter Sunrise.
The thing that sealed-the-deal about our new rental in Leschi was the view out of the 9 windows in Henry’s bedroom. During my initial tour of the place, I walked into what would become Henry’s room and was covered in goosebumps. The room felt magical. I am still thrilled that Henry wakes up to this view every morning – especially when there’s an especially artistic sunrise going on.

Day 4.
Cleaning Out the Hoarder House Next Door.
So it turns out you never know who lives next door to you. We moved into our new place in October, and in December I saw a team of officers in SWAT uniforms storming into the house next door. As it turned out, the guy living next door was an extreme hoarder and had been evicted from the house. This shot was taking during the month-long clean-up process that Henry and I watched intently. (Turns out over 50,000 rounds of live ammunition and a grenade were taken by the folks in SWAT uniforms. Scary.)

Day 5.
Foggy window.
Instead of going home and wasting time before picking Henry up at preschool, the 365 project has inspired me to grab my camera and explore my neighborhood. This shot was taken on 34th in Madrona, right next door to one of my favorite shops of all time: Glassybaby. It was freezing cold out and the look of those foggy windows had me imagining how warm and cozy it must have been inside the restaurant.

Day 6.
Henry and Grandpa Meiser on 15th and Republican.
We met up with my dad for lunch one afternoon after preschool. Henry was so excited to see Grandpa Meiser and had told everyone at preschool about our lunch plans. He even invited his preschool teachers Vicki and Holly to join us!

Day 7.
The Seattle Times.
Searching for inspiration (and exercise) Ben and I walked from our house down to the Leschi waterfront and back. I was short on inspiration and decided this newspaper holder was about as good as it was going to get, that day.

Day 8.
Birthday girl.
We celebrated my step-dad Dave’s mom’s 88th birthday at 3 Cups of Tea in Bothell. 88! Myra always has a huge smile on her face and it shined even more than normal when she got a wild impulse to wrap a ribbon from one of her gifts around her head. Party girl!

Day 9.
Fun at preschool = dirt on his face.
Another day searching for inspiration. It had been a crazy hectic day and I needed to just get the shot. When I picked Henry up from preschool he was dirty from head-to-toe and grumpy to boot. I stood him in front of the fence next to the school and snapped several shots. He put up with me fairly well until he realized I wasn’t going to show him the shots on the back of the LCD screen until I got the “right” shot. This shot was taken right after he got really angry at me for not showing him the pictures I had already taken.

Day 10.
A long-distance call from a friend.
Sarah is a great friend of mine, who I met during my stint in AmeriCorps back in 2002. She live in Milwaukee and has an 8-month old son. We have a two hour time difference and two little boys to contend with, so you can imagine how hard it is to find time to chat on the phone. This was a phone call I was looking forward to, as catching up with Sarah always leaves me with a smile on my face.

Day 11.
After dropping Henry off at preschool I drove over to Volunteer Park to take some shots of the conservatory. I did, and they were fine, but I realized that maybe I wanted to do a self-portrait instead. I was driving across Capitol Hill to an appointment when I decided to pull over on the side of the road and take a shot of myself. I was literally standing in the middle of the road. I liked the results.

Day 12.
So Ben and I lived in Kirkland for just about 2 years. Toward the end of that time I was beginning to feel like we needed to get back to the city – where we really feel at home. Feeling conflicted, I drove over to Seattle and found myself driving along the streets of Capitol Hill (where Ben and I lived when we first moved in together). I went and parked my car at Volunteer Park and that’s when I knew: we had to move back. I wanted Henry to play at Volunteer Park. And today we did just that. It was dreamy. We’re at home.
Day 13.
Sweet Melissa.
In May, one of Ben’s very best friends fell and had a stroke, at 28 years old. He still, to this day, is in a semi-conscious state. For Christmas we bought Henry a helmet that so appropriately says “I love my brain” on it. Today we had a playdate with Quintin’s niece, Melissa, and I asked her to wear Henry’s helmet for the photo. Because we love her brain, and Henry’s… and Quintin’s. We love you, Quintin.

Day 14.
Cherry Pie.
My mom makes AWESOME pies. I’ve always been too intimidated to make my own pie crusts because hers are so good. But lucky for me (and Ben!), Gina got me a gift certificate to Four and 20 Blackbirds for Christmas, for a pie making class! Here’s a shot of my very first cherry pie. I even had Haley take it with me, and we had a blast. No more Marie Callender’s pie crusts for me!

Day 15.
Shoes on the dock.
I have a really strong tie to Greenlake. Ben and I lived there for a year before Henry was born, and for almost a year after. Right after Henry’s birth, when I was struggling more than any other time in my life, I had the lake. The lake was my place to get out of the house with Henry and where I fought to feel better. I remember Henry hating being in the stroller for those walks unless I walked him over the super bumpy gravel. I was happy to oblige if it meant fresh air in my lungs and a sense of optimism for my spirit. And the story behind the shoes? There isn’t one. I thought it was funny.

Day 16.
Braver than me.
Um, yeah. Henry and I went to the zoo early this morning and we had the zoo pretty much to ourselves. The minute I saw this Komodo Dragon I got a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. Henry said “Is that a dragon?!” From about 6 feet away I confirmed that, yes, that is the scariest dragon you’ll ever see in person. He was a bit wary, but he marched right up to the glass and had a good 5 minutes of solo face-time with that scary lizard. Go, Henry. Way to be a heck of a lot braver than your mom.

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