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Happy Holidays! The Rohs Twins

Ah, the Rohs Twins.  Hank and Lily are such sweet kids.

I always look forward to my sessions with them for a few reasons:

1)  Have you seen those kids?!  Man, they’re cute.

2)  The bond between Hank and Lily is such a special one and I really enjoy trying to capture it on “film”.

3) I get to see their mom, Katie, whom I adore.  (No offense, Todd!  You’re pretty great yourself!).  Katie is also an amazing doula.  I’m so sad she wasn’t a doula when I had Henry, or I totally would have used her.  Are you in the market for someone to help you through your birthing process?  Check out her site and give her a jingle here.



Happy Lily!


Oh, Hank.  You think you won’t smile, but you always do…


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